Temples of Kerala

Kerala is unique in many ways.

As the state lies sandwiched between the western ghats and the Arabian sea it’s almost cut off from the Indian land mass.

As it lies in the tropic and due to this unique geography Kerala receives abundant rain fall(over 3000 mm) especially during the monsoon months.

Temple architecture in Kerala is quite different even from that of other south Indian states.

From we have the following information:

The roofs are steep and pointed, and covered with copper sheets. The shape of the roof is in
accordance with the plan of the sanctum below. With a circular plan, one sees a conical
roof, while with a square plan the roof is pyramidal. The roof is constructed with wood
and is covered with copper plates. Most of the temples seen in Kerala today, have
undergone several phases of renovation, given the perishable nature of the construction

I would like to share the photos of a few temples from the northern most Kerala district, Kasaragod.

1. Ananthapura Lake Temple :



2. Madhur Temple :



3. Adoor Temple :


4. Temple near Neeleswaram



5 thoughts on “Temples of Kerala”

    1. Hello Sreejith,

      Thank you so much for your visit and your comments here.

      Adoor temple is in Kasaragod district and not the more famous Adoor in South Kerala.

      There is a twin temple named Madhur temple with same architecture close to Kasaragod town itself.



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