In and Around Bangalore: Rangoli Competition

It was just a typical lazy Sunday yesterday, and I was just killing my time in front of TV.

The door bell rang and there appeared our “very very friendly” neighbor.

On her insistence we got ready and went to the temple close to our home for a program called “Adamya Chetana Utsava

There were a lot of programs for children and ladies but what caught my attention was the Rangoli competition.

We all had a great time there and I got a few colorful shots.









16 thoughts on “In and Around Bangalore: Rangoli Competition”

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂

      It’s so popular in south India.
      Every morning, ladies draw these designs in front of their houses and the material they use is rice powder 🙂

      But the colorful ones are special and only during festivals these designs are made.


  1. okay – my last comment for the night…
    but I just had to come back to this one again – the art is so cool and this is a festival that looks wonderful – and rice powder paint? well how rich – and great snapshots of these master artists!


    1. “Rangoli” is something associated with tradition all across India and it’s done by ladies of the house.

      They used to draw different patterns right in front of their entrance with rice floor.

      We used to wonder how quickly and delicately they does it in a matter of seconds 🙂

      Sadly, in my state, Kerala it’s been done by only a few people belonging to a certain community.

      But, In Bangalore, we could see it everywhere and even my wife started doing it 🙂

      In Indian culture, most of these traditional things are symbolic in nature, and Rangoli is thought to bring good luck to the family.

      I know, it has taken 2 months for me to reply and I did miss out many a post from you in between 🙂

      No formalities here, but I do value your time spent reading and commenting my posts, Yvette 🙂

      Have a beautiful day…

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      1. I will be back to reply later – and S – do not ever worry about replying or missing posts – we all have to draw boundaries with blogging because it can become a big time sucker if not careful. so you just keep doing what you do – and well, I have missed many posts on blogs I follow – and that is just how it goes – but for some blogs _ I will bookmark them and they are my ones to get caught up on over the breaks… but seriously – and I know you know this – just keep your life and bloggin rhythm balanced for you and you will stay fresh and stay around for the long run. Ha


        1. I always find it hard to balance the time spend on blogging and other personal work…

          I will really have to take this advice seriously and follow it for a long run.

          Thank you so much for your this message, Yvette 🙂

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  2. well I am back – and just wanted to say that the “Rangoli” sound super cool!!

    and I think blogging can and should go in spurts – kind of like how work schedules go – where we can have long days for a season – but then we rest up (or should be abel to – ha) – and well, I know some who blog every day and it works for them – but I also know some who go in chunky spurts – blog a lot – break a long hail e- come back – take a break – and that seems like a nice flow too….
    and speaking of breaks – I am getting ready to take a nice little break – I will be traveling to see my mother and I am missing her – I have not seen her since last June – whew
    anyhow, hope you have a nice rest of your week
    and may we all find our balance with blogging – and keep a pace that is win-win for each of us.


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    1. Thank you so much, Dear Ngobesing 🙂

      This is part of Indian day to day life and ladies draw this kind of patterns with rice flours or other organic stuff, in front of their houses, as an auspicious thing 🙂


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