In and Around Bangalore: Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

Got bored with the ever repeating city life, and planning for a weekend one day tour from Bangalore?

There is Shivanasamudra for you.

Feel the fresh air, get exposed to bright sunlight, and enjoy the different shades of green as far as you could see.



Shivanasamudra is around 130 km from Bangalore and can be reached following two different routes.

Route-1: Following Bangalore Mysore highway, take left turn at Maddur and follow the Malavalli route.

Route-2: Following NH 209 (Kanakapura road).

At Shivanasamudra town Kaveri river splits into two streams and forms two gorgeous falls called Gaganachukki and Brachukki.

We will get the majestic views of the Gaganachukki falls from the viewing tower set up by the tourism department, but from a bit far.


Barachukki falls is a place where we can really have a lot of fun.

We need to climb down through steps cut in the rocks and through bushes.

If it’s monsoon time, you will have a feel of being in the middle of hundreds of streams coming down from heaven.

Taking the Coracle and go near the falls is fun and if the Coracle guy decides to entertain you with some swirls, it’s a bit frightening as well.







Taking bath under the falls is something everyone enjoys here but during monsoon months people are not allowed to go very near to the falls.

We can a have great view of the falls from a different angle near the “Darga Hazrath Mardane Gaib (Imam Ali)” which is around 5 to 6 km from the main parking lot.

Best Time to Visit: Through out the year,  but if you want to see the falls at it’s ferocious best, visit during the monsoon months (June to August).

Where to eat: There is only limited options available nearby. Tender coconut and soft drinks are available with packed snacks.

Where to stay: There is hardly any options nearby the falls, but you can find a few options in Maddur.

Other Places of interest: We can take a slightly different route to the falls through, Kokkre bellur, a village known for the migratory birds. We need to take a left turn just before reaching Maddur and it’s around 12km from the highway.

Famous Hoysala temple at Somnathpur, known for the intricate stone carved sculptures is around 50 km from the Gaganachukki falls.

Another place worth exploring is the temples of Thalakkad on the banks of river Kaveri.


45 thoughts on “In and Around Bangalore: Shivanasamudra Waterfalls”

  1. Thank you for posting these photographs. We often get a very distorted idea of what India is really like. Photos such as yours bring a little more reality into our perception of your country.


    1. Hi Ben,

      India is a place of extreme contrasts, people portray it as they like.

      But one thing is for sure, It’s one place a photographer will be delighted to be, due to the diverse in culture and landscape.

      Have a nice day.


    1. Yes indeed, this place is just magical, But,as I mentioned, the timing is very important.

      There is another waterfall in the same southern state of India, Called Jog Falls, that’s even better. I’ll post the images one day.


        1. Best part is, if we could start early from either Mysore or Bangalore, we could explore 3 more places around Shivanasamudra and all are pretty different attractions too. Kokkare Bellur, Talakkad and Somnathpur.

          I managed to explore all these places across different trips.

          Next time you visit Bangalore you could think about it, and you will find enough birds to photograph too 🙂


  2. Stunning photos of a magical location Sreejith. Always wanted to go to Jog Falls but had not heard of these. They are definitely on my list of places to visit. Also have been to Somnathpur several times. Such amazing architecture and sculpture.


    1. Bangalore is the ideal place as a hub to explore south India.

      If you can set aside a week to explore around Bangalore, there are some absolutely stunning places that could be covered.


    1. Yea, these round boats are used in lakes for fishing and for tourists in some places…

      It’s a bit tricky to get into these boats, as keeping balance here is really difficult while stepping in 🙂

      But once you sit inside, you are almost at the same level as the water surface, which gives a great view of the things around and a different perspective…


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Steve 🙂

      This is one gorgeous place and during the monsoon months, there are hundreds of small falls along with the two major ones…

      A must explore place, if you are coming down to Bangalore 🙂


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