Beaches of North Kerala: Ettikulam Beach

I just applied sudden break, pulled the hand break, turned off the engine and got down from car and just stood breathless for a few moments.

My wife and cousins were not shocked by my reaction after negotiating a sharp bend, they just followed suit and stood beside me.

We all had, one of our best scenic view ever, right there in front of us.

It was my fourth trip to this beautiful beach but first time I was driving through the “top road” of Ezhimala Hills.


It was a pleasant weekend day and there was a lot of activity around.


All stars eleven playing on beach 🙂 and Messi scores…





There was a lot of action in sea as well, local fisher folks were busy with their work and it looked something adventurous for us.



We were lucky to witness one incredible sunset and started pack up.



Talking to the locals, I came to know that, we could have explored the other beaches with a short trek through the hillock.

Let’s do it next time 🙂

How to reach:

Nearest airports are in Mangalore and Kozhikkode (just over 100 km away).

Nearest Railway station is in Payyanur, which is around 12 km from the beach.

Ettikulam beach could be reached either from Payyanur town or from Kannur city through road.

From Kannur, you can follow the route below,

From Payyanur,

Where to stay:

Pazhayangadi and Payyanur are the nearest towns and there are some good options available in Payyanur for accommodation.

Kannur is the nearest city and you could find a wide range of options there.

Note: Most of the images are taken with my old point and shoot and resulted in poor quality as the lights faded.

45 thoughts on “Beaches of North Kerala: Ettikulam Beach”

  1. For sure, I am not going to miss my long pending trip to Ezhimalai on my next vacation back home 🙂 Feels so much at home with these photos and memories attached to them


    1. Oh is it? Yea, every time I visited this place I had a feel of seeing it for the first time.

      Due to the unique landscape, photographic opportunities are immense. Frankly I got only a few decent shots as we reached a bit late.


    1. Yea, I know 🙂 The climate is pretty warm and pleasant right now.
      This place if off the the main tourism circles and not much known outside.
      Whenever you plan a trip to Kerala, you can consider these off beat places.
      Have a nice day 🙂


  2. okay, dude – first off – starting the post the way you did was pretty cool….
    the part about the brakes – and then “and just stood breathless for a few moments…” and then the following photos did NOT disappoint – and the first one was my fav – the four vertical boats on the left backdrop – drawing you into the sunset and then the tiny little plant growth at the very foreground of the shot seems to balance the palm trees to the right background.

    but then all in this series were great – and the other top two are the ones with the moving/splashing water…. nice capture!

    and now did you have to tease us with directions to this beach — don;t I wish! maybe someday… but in the meantime, I will enjoy the journey through your nice photos. Enjoyed this….


    1. Thanks a ton, Yvette, for the wonderful comments and I am really glad that you liked the images 🙂

      This is one of the best comment I have ever received in this forum and I am sure it will help and motivate me to take better images and present them in a good way.

      Have a beautiful day 🙂


    1. I was imagining how you would have composed it and which music to fit to the mood 🙂

      Yea, this is really an incredible place and with proper camera and lens, you simply won’t leave the place.


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