Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Dhanushkodi is the tip point of a narrow stretch of land that extends to sea almost connecting Sri Lanka and India.

It was a small fishing town bustling with activity till 1964, when a cyclone hit it so hard that the entire town was wiped off including a train carrying around 100 passengers.

Now it looks like a ghost town with hardly any activity. Let me share a couple of images here, one was an old church and the other is a long abandoned fishing boat.



19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned”

    1. Thanks a lot for your nice comments 🙂

      The landscape here is pretty unique, a narrow strip of land extending to sea, around 20 km in length but only a few hundred meter wide.

      The sea is quite calm and crystal clear on both sides.

      This is one place I wanted to go back again and again 🙂


  1. I was sure I had been following you, but your posts did not appear on my reader.. I don’t want to miss any. That boat has seen better days… I would love to get lost in a ghost town 🙂 Imagine to have the whole place for yourself.


    1. Thank you so much, Paula 🙂

      Yea, this ghost town is so beautiful that you will never feel like coming back, it’s like a bridge to the sea and beautiful beaches on both sides.

      Water is almost stand still and is crystal clear with tranquil colors.


  2. Love the first shot…reminds of old fishermen who worked hard their whole lives, and they lived a good life (like Santiago in Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea). A good life, and we see how these fishing villages have now become modern developments…and I miss the folklore of the old days. 🙂

    Of course, easy for me to say as I am very much a part of the modern/tech world 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your time, Randall and I really appreciate your comments 🙂

      Here is India, we could see a great balance between the new and old. It exists everywhere, and art forms and folklore are followed with great passion along with the technology worship.

      I am just back from an old ritual performing art called “Theyyam” here in my native. I’ll post the images soon 🙂


      1. I think that is so important, and fantastic to hear that old art/folklore are followed and respected with passion along with the new technology. Both are important, a symbiotic type of relationship.

        Look forward to seeing your “Theyyam” images. 🙂


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