Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Extra Passenger

During my last visit to “Nandi hills” near Bangalore, I found this scene very interesting. A curious monkey was planning to board a bus with other passengers.
He almost did it, but once the driver started the engine, he ran away 🙂

This is the first image that came to my mind when I saw this week’s theme Extra.



28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Extra Passenger”

    1. Hahaha… they knows that 🙂

      But most of places, in India, people won’t hurt monkeys, reason being the monkey god Hanuman has millions of devotees …

      Yea, I know your fondness towards monkeys 🙂

      Hope you had a fine day, Mabel 🙂


  1. like the monkey – and how cute he wanted a ride – and I find that the tires on both vehicles had an interesting feel – along with the trees in the background – especially that cool little designer tree right above the monkey and back – – what are those branches doing???? a little sass I’d say – 🙂 ❤


    1. Hello Yvette, Thank you so much for your observations and comments 🙂

      I was sure you would like it 🙂

      This shot was taken from a small hill station near Bangalore, but the life here was just opposite to the mad rush seen in the city.

      People are very warm and helpful, and they was nice a nice chemistry with nature.

      I really love this place and enjoy spending a few hours whenever possible 🙂


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