Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

As a second entry to this week’s photo challenge: contrast let me share an image of a brass oil lamp lit during a traditional temple festival in Kerala, India.

Sun was brightly shining but, this lamp has to be lit to drive away all the powers of evil or ignorance during the theyyam performance.

You can have a look at my first entry for Contrast, an image from the hill top temple of Devarayanadurga here, photo-challenge-contrast-play-of-light-and-shadows

34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast”

  1. Another lovely photo, Sreejith. Love how you can see the coils of black smoke wafting up into the air and disappearing, like a magic show. Now you see it, now you don’t. Another layer to your photo 😉


    1. Frankly speaking, I really wanted to capture the lamp with the black smoke wafting up and tried many a times and finally got this one.

      Thanks a lot for your time, Mabel 🙂


  2. This is a great shot, Sreejith, but also intriguing. At first glance, the handle that supports the lamp struck me as looking like a cobra, which introduces all sorts of conflicts and oppositions of good/evil/wisdom/death/immortality.


  3. I love the simplicity and the lines of this image, Sreejith. It brings with it such a sense of reverence. Thank you for sharing something that I do not see. Love, Amy


  4. Truly an interesting photo, especially seeing the contrast of the wick lying in the oil in the bottom of the lamp. Loved the story behind the lighting of the lamp as well; good job 🙂


  5. What an incredible photo! A perfect contrast and so carefully clicked to capture the story of good vs ignorance.

    First look at the felt, I interpreted that the auspicious flame of the lamp is an attempt to ward off evil, symbolized by the snake like structure of the lamp, almost touching the flame. And that makes it quite intriguing.


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts on this image, Suyash and I really appreciate your encouraging words 🙂

      I know you could easily relate to this shot as you might have seen many a religious processions and functions.


    1. This Indian society is so complicated 🙂

      There would be different meanings and interpretations for the same thing across different part of the country and across different religions…

      It’s always great to capture the traditional practices and share it with a wider audience and then see the response 🙂

      I know you have a very good idea about the age old Indian culture, Yvette 🙂 I’ll try my best to keep you interested…

      I am trying to learn more …

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