Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

You need luck,more than anything else, to get a good image. That’s one of my philosophy on photography 🙂

But it’s debatable and you can decide whether the image below is a good one 🙂

I just loved the way butterflies descents and lands on flowers, and let me share such an image for this week’s photo challenge,


85 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent”

  1. Perfect photo for this week’s challenge, Sreejith. Though the butterfly is dull and doesn’t bear vibrant colours, it stands out in your image. Well done.

    You need luck to capture a good photo? Oh yes. Totally agree with that. You need to be in the right place, right time – and hope that your camera settings are on point.

    Apart from luck, you need to be in the moment. Listen to your surroundings. Look. Listen. Watch the world, the stories and the right moment unfold right before your eyes. Slow and steady 🙂

    I have a new Fuji mirrorless camera and one day I hope to take photos as good as yours 🙂

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    1. Sure, you will be coming up with some stunning images, Mabel 🙂 Now you have revealed it and expectations are high 🙂

      Yes, as you said, you have to be there in the moment. There will be quite a lot of interesting things happening around us unnoticed.

      Here, I was just enjoying my walk in the garden, and the ambiance. So this flower and a butterfly around.

      I framed this shot and waited, thinking, just in case the butterfly comes down and lands on the flower I’ll get a good shoot. After a few minutes, it did, and I got many shots.

      Anticipation and luck, I would say, helped me here 🙂


      1. You have a lot of patience, Sreejith. No wonder you got this lovely butterfly shot. Luck? Maybe that was on your side too 🙂

        Even if the butterfly didn’t come down to the flower, I think you would still have gotten a good shot anyway, maybe a shot of the flower, or the butterfly flying away.

        I hope you’ve been well, and have a good weekend ahead 🙂

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  2. Wow, absolutely agree that a little luck can take a good photograph and make it into a great one ~ and this is a perfect example. The butterfly is positioned so well, and I like the crispness of the flowers with the bokeh. Well done Sreejith 🙂

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    1. I have to go by your opinion here, totally 🙂

      Here, I focused on the flowers and framed it by leaving enough space for the butterfly, hoping that it would come down.

      Thank god, it did, and I was able to click at the right time 🙂

      Thank you so much, Dalo, for your time 🙂


  3. I just found you through the weekly photo challenge and thought i would take a look aty our blog you have some divine photos so am following you. I love the cover art one, wow, you got a great shot there and subject matter. x

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    1. Hello Justine,

      Thank you so much for the kind words 🙂

      As soon as I visited your blog, your cover image caught my eyes it’s beautiful and the layout is very attractive 🙂
      and I am sure, I’ll be coming back and exploring your blog 🙂

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    1. You are absolutely right, Paula, I got this image during an evening at my uncle’s garden 🙂

      It was a bit tricky as I was shooting against light and not sure, whether this guy will come to the flower I was framing or not 🙂

      Just lucky 🙂


  4. well I think you are humble to say that luck plays a part – but I know what you mean!! 🙂 and oooo -cool photo – the bottom two blossoms sit perfectly to the side to almost receive this flying fella – and they give a bit of a framing feel – and in the larger version I noticed two large leaf pods down to the left – adding more informal balance and just giving us more depth – love the soft focus in the back – and nice entry for the wpc…

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    1. Yvette, I would like to call your comments as “art critiques”, and to be fare I used to wait for them 🙂

      Here, I saw this little beauty flying around this flower and I just framed the shot and waited for him to descent and land on the flower.

      I stood there for a few minutes and finally, as he came down.
      I started clicking, and this is the one I really liked where he’s preparing to land.

      Thank you so much for your time and have a beautiful day ahead 🙂


      1. well you really made my day my friend – that was so nice to read – 🙂 ❤ I mean – really nice! and I was actually thinking about maybe doing another poem with one of your photos- well the words were coming to me with that one from a few weeks ago…. the one where you cold feel the breathe of the subject – hmmm – so let me know what you think – and thanks again for your sweet comment – I am honored.

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  5. You have a great talent to post photos and I wanted to thank you for stopping over to my ABOUT page. It is a pleasure to know you and honor to get to stop and learn from your gifts of photos. I am not good at photo taking just a beginner. 🙂 Jackie


    1. Thank you so much, Suyash 🙂 What more I could say….

      You have been so generous and appreciative during all these days, that really helped me in my photography and blogging.

      More than anything else, your images, capturing the beauty of the world you had explored, the apt descriptions and stories are the bench mark I set for my travel stories, frankly 🙂

      Have a great day ahead 🙂

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