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Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange, Theyyam Make Up

Thinking about Orange, the first thing that comes to my mind is “Theyyam”… and probably the only thing 🙂

Let me share an image of this incredible ritual dance from God’s Own Country, Kerala

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?


126 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange, Theyyam Make Up”

    1. Hello Aletta,

      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

      I am so glad that you liked this image from my native 🙂

      Kerala is so rich in art forms and has an incredible landscape.

      I am really happy to share these images…

      Have a beautiful day 🙂

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  1. Lovely striking image ..when is the season for Theyyam. Have experienced Kathakali and can only imagine the painstaking efforts to get such detailing done !

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    1. The season is at it’s peak now… and the season is from December to April.

      Theyyam is performed only in north Kerala and the best part is there are so many different Theyyams during this time.

      So, if you are in Kannur district of north Kerala, during this time, you can surely watch one performance…

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Priyanka 🙂

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      1. Ok thank you for the information . Am already searching details. …..hopefully soon…how many days would I ideally need to explore Kannur district?

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        1. Hello Priyanka,

          Really sorry for the late response.

          I think, it’s better to plan 3-4 days to explore Kannur and Kasaragod districts together.

          Hope you would heard about ‘Bekal fort’ in Kasaragod, a must see place.

          Please check out this movie song from the movie ‘Bombay’,

          If you are planning to see a Theyyam, you can set aside one day for it, and two more days to explore the beautiful beaches, back waters and temples of Kannur.

          So, 3 days for Kannur and 1 day for kasaragod 🙂

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        2. Hi Sreejith, I have this place bookmarked , I did research and realiz ed I would need about 4 days. The deal is my husband and I are just getting one weekend off together till the end of May. So I don’t want to rush the trip.
          Please can you let me know if i plan a trip in June will I get to see any theyyam performance?
          I loved the video of the song. Incredible shots of the fort !
          Awaiting your reply.
          Thank you so much for the trouble in replying in detail.

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    2. Hello Priyanka,

      I am so sorry that I missed your last comment here.

      As you know, it was during my hibernation 🙂

      I don’t know whether this information is still useful or not, but let me tell you, the Theyyam season ends by May as Monsoon starts in Kerala by start of June itself.

      If you couldn’t make it to Kerala yet, you can plan it for Jan-Feb 2016 🙂

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    1. Hello There,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your appreciative comments 🙂

      I have been away from blogging for a while and that’s the reason behind this rather late response 🙂

      Looks like there is a long silence in your blog too 🙂

      The travel photos in your blog are simply awesome …

      Hope you are doing great and have a beautiful time 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Sue 🙂

      This is the default picture that’s sure to come up in our minds hearing Orange or Red 🙂

      I know, you won’t be wondering, why this reply after almost 8 months 🙂

      Trying hard to be back on track 🙂

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    1. Hello, Kat 🙂

      Next time you visit India, you can come down to my place and watch a Theyyam performance 🙂

      The Theyyam season is from end of December to early May.

      I need to get ready for the next season with some better camera gear 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Marc 🙂

      The most interesting part about the whole make up kit including color and brushes, is that everything is natural.

      The guidelines for facial painting is unique for different Theyyams.

      Majority of the Theyyams are female characters(Goddesses) but performed by Men 🙂

      Hope you get a chance to come down to India once and experience this art form 🙂

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  2. Amazing image, Sreejith. Striking and stunning. The is a very deep shade of orange. I’m not too surprised, since in Indian culture there bright, vivid colours are auspicious, I believe. It looks like a statue, but I think it’s a person judging from your words. It’s hot in India, and I’ve always wondered how body paint or makeup stays on like that all day 🙂

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    1. You are absolutely right, Mabel, In Indian culture, bright, vivid colours are considered auspicious indeed 🙂

      If you see traditional Indian dresses worn by ladies, you could find all bright colours in this world 🙂

      In case of Theyyam, all colours used are natural ones and the base being coconut oil.

      As you rightly mentioned, it’s so hot out here and the Theyyam season is the hottest one too, but the time tested ‘make up’ stays.

      Hope you are having a beautiful weekend 🙂

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        1. Then, no more introduction required 🙂

          I am from Kannur too, to be precise, from Payyanur 🙂

          Theyyam is something we can really be proud of, right?


      1. I am sure it is Sreejith. I do prefer the virtual travelling thing as I don’t like crowds or lots of people, so looking at your beautiful photos is more than enough for me. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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  3. (EN) Great shot 🙂 There you don’t have problem to find out different colours,texture and shapes in any state,district,panchayat or village.Nice how you show the” Kannur Theyyam”. Thanks 🙂
    (IT)Fantastico scatto :-)Lí non hai problemi a trovare diversi colori, consistenze e forme in qualsiasi stato, distretto,panchayat o villaggio.Bello come mostri il “Theyyam di Kannur” .Grazie 🙂

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    1. The best thing about this art form is, there are hundreds of ‘Theyyams’ having unique story and facial makeup.

      But, the make up keeps evolving and they experiment within a set of guidelines.

      It’s something we never get bored of and watch with great interest and reverence 🙂

      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback 🙂

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    1. Wow… what more I could ask for?

      This is what keeps me going, the kind of appreciation, not just motivates you as a blogger, but in personal life too…

      Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, ‘The Fab Four’ 🙂

      This is more than an art form for us, we have grown up watching it …

      The make up, musical instruments used during the performance and the ambiance, the feel of watching a Theyyam, is quite different from any other art form, it’s a divine dance.

      I am not sure, ‘Kb’ had a chance to watch Theyyam. If not, any time you plan a India trip, you can plan it during Theyyam season 🙂

      Have a beautiful day 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful answer, dear Sreejith. No, unfortunately, Kb did not watch a Theyyam dance when he was in India. 😦 I’m sure it must be very special indeed to watch this divine movement, do you think there will be a film on youtube showing it? I’ll have a look …

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    1. Thank you so much, for your kind words 🙂

      Theyyam is simple irresistible for a photographer with the striking colors and intricate facial make up …

      I am so glad that you liked this post 🙂


    1. Yea, you are right, Noeline, it used to be a bit frightening to watch the Theyyam performance when we were kids.

      The make up with deep red and orange hues, the ambiance and the steps, the sound of the drums… it’s something to be experienced 🙂


    1. It’s so hard to take a bad photograph of this amazing folk dance form, Mike 🙂

      The colors are so striking and the make up is so intricate.

      Thank you so much for your words of appreciation 🙂


    1. Dear Paula,

      Hope you remember I mentioned about being at the cross roads of my career.

      Now I took a tough call and decided to try my hand at something I always loved, work in ‘sustainable tourism’ area.

      Now I am part of an organization and among some amazing people who view the travel industry quite differently and responsibly.

      I will share more info. and stories soon 🙂

      Hope you are doing great 🙂


  4. Hi Sreejith,

    Accidentally stumbled upon your blog. For the soul, who has been missing its beautiful cradle, you made my day!!
    Even when I live on the other side of the globe (I reside in Vancouver), your photos slipped me down my memory lanes, like the warm waft of flavors of “aviyal” and “theeyal” from my mom’s kitchen! 🙂

    Thank you!!!

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    1. Hello Mira,

      What more I could ask for from this blog?

      Especially when I am making a comeback to my favourite place after a long break 🙂

      Thank you so much for your visit and your kind words.

      I really mean it 🙂

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