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Weekly Photo Challenge:Curve, FRI Dehradun

We had no idea of what’s in store as we set out to explore the Forest Research Institute (FRI) campus in Dehradun. Once we entered the campus, spread over 450 hectares we could find many an interesting buildings from the colonial era.

It really was a ‘wow… moment’ when our taxi took a turn and stopped near a massive structure…


It was not easy to capture the whole structure in one frame 🙂

But, as we entered this premiere institute, my jaws dropped literally.


I am sure, it’s a delight for anyone who loves photography, curves and curves only…

FRI-06FRI-03FRI-01FRI-02FRI-04When I saw this week’s theme ‘Curve‘ I couldn’t resist, I just came out of my forced hibernation and happy to be with all you wonderful people again 🙂




31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Curve, FRI Dehradun”

  1. Amazing shots of the FRI campus all round, Sreejith. It looks majestic and as you said, you really just got most of it in one shot. It must have taken a bit of moving around and positioning yourself to get the desired snap 😀

    Love the symmetry in the second shot, and those two guys there give it a nice touch and put into perspective just how huge the structure is. Is is also a rather peaceful earthly orange-brown colour. Lovely 🙂

    Hope you have been doing well. Hibernation can be good for us. It’s a time to take stock of our lives or a time to focus on something that needs to be done. Best wishes and take care, my friend.

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    1. Yes Mabel, Hibernation works 🙂

      But, I badly wanted to reply to all the comments and take a small break, that didn’t happen 😦

      So, I had this always at the back of my mind 🙂

      Once I came back from my trip to the Himalayas, there was a mountain of work waiting for me, organizing our community tourism programmes in the villages of wayanad( a north Kerala district in the western ghats).

      Two months of back to back travel 🙂

      I visited this beautiful place, at the foot hills of Himalayas during my recent trip and the building is over a century old, built during the colonial era.

      Stunning example of skill, dedication and planning of the Engineers and other workers.

      It really raises one question, with all the technology and tools at our disposal, why we can’t come up with anything that could withstand the test of time, structurally and aesthetically?

      Have a nice day, Mabel 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

      I couldn’t really spend enough quality time here over last couple of months due t many an unforeseen events.

      Meanwhile I had a great trip to the mighty Himalayas as well 🙂

      Feels great, to be back 🙂

      Have a beautiful day ahead 🙂

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  2. Its all brick work and no plaster, no paint and… still looks perfectly finished. Normally, plaster layer is the pre-final layer and then the paint or white wash-layer being the final finishing layer.

    A rare piece of dedicated hard work and superb workmanship !!

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    1. Dear Surinderji, Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your observations 🙂

      With all the advanced technologies around, can we imagine to come up with such an incredible structure now a days?

      As you rightly mentioned, I was truly stunned by the ‘dedicated hard work and superb workmanship’ of the people who created this beauty…

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  3. There is something about self-hibernation that hits us all (myself recently too), and it seems interacting with creativity/beauty brings the soul back out for the world to see 🙂 I’ve got to agree with the others in the incredible scope/beauty of the second photograph. Symmetry you do not see often, with the building and life it holds. Perfection. Wishing you a great day ahead Sreejith ~ great connecting with you again!

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    1. You said it…

      It was a forced hibernation due to many a personal and official reasons. But, once I took the journey to north India, my mind was brimming with positive energy and I wanted to spread it 🙂

      This place was not there in our original plan, but once we reached there, the sight was literally jaw dropping 🙂

      It provides great opportunities for people who would like to fine tune their photography skills, with it’s incredible architecture and the way light and shadows keep changing as day progresses.

      Now a days, I am not been able to upload good resolution images here. Though I upload decent resolution ones, as it’s published, the quality of image is not at all satisfactory.

      I don’t get click to view original image option as well.I need to troubleshoot it 🙂

      Next time, I want to spend a whole day in this campus with the right gadgets 🙂

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