23 thoughts on “Uncertain Times …”

    1. Hello Takami,

      We are safe and doing well 🙂

      I am trying to make the best use of these lock down days.

      Spending time for photography and blogging is one thing I always loved to but the tight office schedule didn’t allow me for last some months…

      Hope you and your near ones are safe and in Japan it’s well under control…

      Hope this tough time will pass soon …

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    1. Thank you so much, David for your visit and I admit, it’s really an interesting time…

      Hope, you and your near ones are safe …

      I am curious to see, how much we learn from this pandemic and whether we can expect a better world once everything settles down.

      This lock down really helped me to appreciate simple life and also taught me what really matters in life 🙂

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        1. The cynical side is the practical side I feel 🙂

          I hope, things will remain unchanged for 99% of people and even a 1% positive change itself is a great outcome… let’s wait and watch 🙂

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    1. Hello Indah, the uncertain times continues 🙂

      So good to see that, Europe is well on the way to recovery but the news from India is not a positive one.

      As you might have noted earlier that, I am from a small state at the southern tip of India, Named Kerala and here things are much better.

      In fact, the Kerala government has been hailed for it’s Covid control activities and the ‘Kerala Model’ in the fight against this pandemic is been discussed all around the world.

      Hope things will take a positive turn soon 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Kendall 🙂

      I have shot this image a few years back at Forest Research Institute in Dehradun at the foot hills of Himalayas.

      This colonial era structure is a great place to explore and try your skills in photography…

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