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Good Morning … From Kerala !

A morning without a newspaper is unimaginable for most of Keralites … The day begins with a hot cup of tea and a news paper.

It’s no wonder why some of the Malayalam (mother tongue of most of Keralites) newspapers are listed among the top ones in the world by circulation.

This image was captured in the hilly district of Wayanad in Northern Kerala, where I was on a bird watching tour early in the morning.

The newspaper in picture is ‘Malayala Manorama‘ with a paid circulation of around 2.3 million (it is the fourteenth most circulated newspaper in the world. It is indeed a significant number if we consider that the total population of the state is 34 million.

Have a beautiful Sunday !!!

36 thoughts on “Good Morning … From Kerala !”

    1. Yes, it’s Thrikkaipetta village in Wayanad 🙂

      The person in picture is one of our homestay persons and an interesting farmer.

      As soon as he collect the news papers by the roadside, he starts reading it from there itself and won’t even wait to enter his house … He is so involved in it and even missed my presence …

      You can strike up a conversation with most of Keralites on any global event/subject and they will have their comments on it, for sure 🙂

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your lovely comments 🙂


    1. It was a misty morning in Wayanad, a hilly region in Kerala and this is where we escape to during summer months…

      But, in Kerala, whether you are in a city or in a remote mountain village, this sight is common, people reading news papers …

      People of this state is highly political and one of the most educated lot in the country.

      Thank you so much for your visit and comments 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Jolandi, for your appreciative words 🙂

      Kerala is a small state but totally different in many ways compared to other states of this vast nation, India.

      Though I am from this very own place, I get to experience it’s many shades when I become a traveler and interact with the local community.

      As I work in an organization which develops and promotes sustainable community based tourism projects, I get such opportunities often …


      1. That is so lucky to have a job like that, Sreejith. I always think of India as a world on its own – rich in diversity. And it is great that you share your photographs, as that way, we can also get a glimpse of this.

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    1. I think, there is always a space for coexistence, print and digital media, right?

      I know, in Europe, the monthly subscription rates have really gone up for printed materials but it’s still quite affordable in India.

      For me, it’s more of an emotional connect 🙂

      Thank you so much for your visit and comments, Gunta 🙂


  1. The man deeply engrossed in the day’s news while the front page of the Newspaper shows a big strong ad, the background has the feel of the soft misty morning, this completes the image and narrates the story in itself… Excellent capture Sreejith.

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    1. Thank you so much, Kally 🙂

      When you get an opportunity to see and experience your own native from an outsider’s perspective, it gives you quite some interesting insights, right?

      This land is unique and rich with natural beauty and cultural diversity …

      Have a beautiful day 🙂

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    1. You are absolutely right, Rupali, especially when we are facing a situation like this…

      We owe the current level of literacy to many factors such as the role of missionaries, social reformers and many progressive governments that followed.

      Thank you so much for your visit and comments 🙂

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  2. What a lovely moment you have captured. Far too often we westerners rush through our morning, read our news on an iPad or iPhone, and gulp down a cup of coffee or tea. I loved both the setting and the return to what used to be a tradition here long ago.

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    1. Thank you so much, Tim, for your thoughtful comments…

      Kerala is a small state at the South Western tip of India with an area of about 38000 sq. km but with a population of around 35 million, which is comparable to many European countries. The most interesting thin about Kerala is it’s very high HDI indicators and literacy rate.

      The living conditions doesn’t vary much, whether you are living in a big city or in the remote mountain villages…

      This is something I can’t even imagine in most of other states in India.

      This could be a reason why many people travel to Kerala to experience not just it’s breathtaking natural beauty but it’s socio, economic and political landscape as well…

      Though I am from this land, I always try to observe it from an outsider’s perspective to learn more and also share with you all 🙂

      Thank you so much for your time 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Jet for your visit and comment 🙂

      Quite interestingly, I managed to capture more bird photos from my home than during any of the birding trips 🙂

      Now a days, I try to get myself occupied following all the butterflies and insects in our garden… We need to do something like this during these lock down days to maintain a positive frame of mind …

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