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Good Morning … From Kerala !

A morning without a newspaper is unimaginable for most of Keralites … The day begins with a hot cup of tea and a news paper.

It’s no wonder why some of the Malayalam (mother tongue of most of Keralites) newspapers are listed among the top ones in the world by circulation.

This image was captured in the hilly district of Wayanad in Northern Kerala, where I was on a bird watching tour early in the morning.

The newspaper in picture is ‘Malayala Manorama‘ with a paid circulation of around 2.3 million (it is the fourteenth most circulated newspaper in the world. It is indeed a significant number if we consider that the total population of the state is 34 million.

Have a beautiful Sunday !!!


And they flew away …

The nest is empty and the chirping is no longer heard …

Just like watching your kids move away from home, to embrace a brave new world…

I really miss the company of these little Sunbirds, but, it gives me great joy to see that perseverance prevails …

Nature is a treasure trove of positivity and gives us hope when we are down.

I am so thankful to these little birds as they helped me survive a stressful phase in my life …


Perseverance Prevails …

I am so happy to let you all know that the Sunbirds are hatched πŸ™‚

So good to see that baby birds are fed by the mother bird and father bird alternatively, shared responsibility, right? πŸ™‚

I have been watching them making nests for the fourth time and they made it this time.

Please find the link to my earlier post on their nest …

Waiting to see their first flight …

Kerala, Photography

Face of Resilience

This is an interesting time when the term community resilience is heard more frequently than ever before.

Working with the indigenous communities in the mountain landscape of Wayanad, I had the privilege to learn more about their resilient way of life and traditional knowledge. which in fact helped them in surviving this Covid phase.

The importance of cooperation among the community members in farming, knowledge in traditional medicine, shared economics (kind of a barter system) all helped them overcome the tough times with hardly any revenue due to lock downs.

Seems, it’s time to think seriously about the trade off between globalization and hyper localization πŸ™‚