Beauty All Around Us: My Experiments with Videos

Lock down days have been quite monotonous and the best way to escape from boredom was spending time with my camera in our garden.

I was always interested in photography but stayed away from videos as it really tests your patience while shooting as well as editing.

But, the result is very interesting and satisfying.

I am just starting with videos and hope I will be able to share some quality content in future.

Please bear with me for the time being 🙂

Thank you for your visit and watching the video 🙂


Reflecting back on Soviet Times in Kerala

Great to see my friend Steve of ‘Life in Russia’ hosted a guest post on my childhood memories of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Thank you so much Steve 🙂

Life in Russia

Theyyam17_rsThe gods have shone over us again. A bridge that is created it lasts forever, the same holds true for friendships and all other types of relationships. It just so happens that one of these relationships that was formed several years ago in the province of Kerala crossed over this bridge unbeknownst. Sreejith had promised me that he would create a post sharing about his personal story about his childhood memories of Russian literature in his homeland. Back in May of 2014, he and I created a post for “Life in Russia”, it can be seen here. I’m very pleased to share with you his thoughts and feeling about his life in Kerala during Soviet times.

8583ea007cc6ee735290302324400a57Santiago the Shepherd

I am from Kerala, a small state at the south western tip of Indian landmass.
It’s unique in comparison with all other states of India, both geographically and culturally…
More interestingly, it is…

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Happy New Year: Just Be Yourself…

JustBeYourselfDear Friends,

Wish you all a Very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.

It’s been a roller coaster year for me and I couldn’t interact with you all wonderful people, as much as I would like to.

But, as I watch the last sun set of 2015, over the Arabian sea, I am much relaxed and confident.

I really hope, I will be able to stay longer hours in blogosphere and more frequently in 2016 🙂

‘Just Be Yourself’ and have a great year ahead … 🙂




Sunday Night…

It happens to me always,

Long for something, so badly, counting days, hours, minutes and seconds…

And finally, when it happens, you forget everything and just get lost in the flow.

A missed opportunity, some one would say, yea, for most of us life is a chain of such misses.

Started counting down from Monday morning for the weekend, and five days went in a flash.

There came the weekend, 48 hours, to do what I really wanted, but sadly once again spoiled it thoroughly

I want to feel my Sunday nights differently, so I decided to change the way I think.

I am not going to differentiate days to “week days” and “weekends”.

Let’s wait and see after a week.