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Weekly Photo Challenge: Walls, Tanjavur Wall Painting

The Big Temple of Tanjavur is a world of it’s own…

We have to use superlative degree for anything that’s associated with this architectural marvel which turned 1000 years old in 2010.

I am restricting this post to something special, on the inside ‘Walls’ of this temple complex, the world renowned Tanjavur painting


Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument (Big temple of Tanjavur)

The big temple of Tanjavur in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu is an architectural marvel and an epitome of art and stone work.

You will be just amazed by the sheer size of this temple and will become speechless when the guide let you know that how a 60 tonne single piece “Kumbham”(top most piece) carved out of granite was erected on top of the 66 meter high tower.

And what would you say when you hear that all this been done a 1000 year back( completed in AD1010) ?

Let me share a few images of this super monument as part of the weekly challenge




This temple is quite famous for the wall paintings, which are more than 400 years old. Most of the images are from the Hindu epics.