127 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: There is a child in everyone”

  1. This may be one of my favorite pictures of the year so far! (and we are 65 days into the year and I have viewed hundreds (likely thousands) of pictures and whew (no pun intended) this shot is wonderful.
    what kind of plant is this from – well some of the seedlings look like birds flying. and the sunset (or sunrise?) and the way the seedlings line up in the photo are breathtaking – so nice. 🙂


    1. I don’t know how should I thank you for your incredible comment, I am honored and I feel all my effort I put in this blog is paid off 🙂 I really mean it, Yvette…

      This plant has a unique way of parachuting it’s seeds through wind, and it’s called “milkweed fluff”, in my mother tongue “Appooppanthadi” means, “old man’s beard”.

      “Appooppanthadi” is part of each and every kid’s childhood memories.
      A few days back I was hiking through a small hill with my cousin, who’s a doctor and we saw “Appooppanthadi” flying everywhere, he couldn’t resist the temptation and got one of my most satisfying shot ever 🙂


      1. how cool that it is called old man’s beard – well thanks for the details – and you know, good for you for taking the time to stop and have a bit of fun like that – which is part of being “fully alive.”

        and would you mind if later this year I repost this photo? I will link it fully too. 🙂


      2. well my friend – I just wanted to let you know that this photo – and post – made it to my “prior house top ten list” for favorite blog posts in all of 2014. I have not been able to get to the post yet – and quite frankly I am not sure how people are able to make their countdown lists in December (or during the year they are reviewing) – so for me – well I had to take some time… and thanks again for this very special photo amigo –
        ❤ ❤


    1. There is a lot of positive energy being spread through this forum, just incredible .

      Seeing your comments I feel really great and I get a fresh start for the day. This is really wonderful, right 🙂

      Where ever we are and whatever be our cultural back grounds, we are all part of one great extended family…

      Thank you,Amy.


      1. Now YOU made MY day, Sreejith! You are so right. No matter the cultural backgrounds, we really are family. I wish more people would understand this concept and live it! Love, Amy


      1. I always found joy in playing with flowers. Honeysuckle, snap dragons and dandy lions. I’d blow the dandy lion seeds like in your photo and my grandmother would be quite annoyed. She didn’t want those lovely flowers in her lawn. The more I blew the more of my lovely flowers next year. So, yes, I do associate this scene with joy, the joy of childhood.


  2. Such a great photo. It looks so freeing – if we take the chance and take the plunge, who knows what we can learn and achieve. And a lot of the times, children are very eager to learn and are willing to try anything 🙂


      1. I think as we grow older, we have more responsibilities. Work, bills, buying food, you get it. So we might forget what being a kid and innocent joy feels like. But every day I tell myself I’m 12 years old at old and it helps. So does having the small body of a 12 year old too 🙂


  3. Visiting from Holistic Wayfarer’s site, where you liked a post on race featuring me. Thanks.

    Beautiful picture.

    Best regards,


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