Bangalore, Wordless Wednesdays

Wordless Wednesday: Not So Rosy a Picture

Banasankari BLR

Weekly Photo Challenge

Travel Theme: Work


Flowers and flower garlands are part of the daily life of most of the south Indians, especially ladies.

If you go near any temple in south India, you could see ladies making flower garlands and selling them.

They start their work so early in the morning and almost follows the temple timings.

Here I found this lady making a garland just outside one temple complex in Bangalore last weekend.

I thought of posting it as part of the “Travel Theme: Work” here.

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Last weekend, I was lucky to get stuck at a beautiful neighborhood, where I had to spent a whole day.

Walking through the streets I was greeted by this great wall painted in yellow color.

Let me post here a few images here for the “weekly photo challenge: Threes”