Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument, Velankanni Church

The church of “Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health” is one of the most revered churches of India.

Situated in the small beach front town of Velankanni in the south India state of Tamil Nadu, this beautiful monument is visited by millions every year.



64 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument, Velankanni Church”

    1. Yea, even I felt it 🙂

      But there is a sad story behind it too, the 2004 Tsunami had taken a really bad toll on this church and the pilgrims.

      After that it’s renovated and still we could see the impact of the high tides there.


    1. Yea, normally in south India, I have seen churches of gothic style predominantly.

      There are a few more structures in this complex with some pretty interesting architecture, with a circular base and all 🙂


  1. There is a church in Medan, Indonesia which incorporate Indian elements in it. The name of the church is Annai Maria Velankanni. Now I know what Velankanni refers to. Such a beautiful white church, Sreejith!


  2. I love the second photo. Velankanni Church looks so pristine and so white it literally radiates light off it. I like how there are some grey clouds at the top left of the picture trying to steal the show, but failing 🙂

    Did you spell “Church” wrong in the title of this post???


  3. I did not know there were two photos. Now I do, and now that I do, I LOVE the second one. The lines of the structure and the clouds … I don’t have the words this time. It is just feeling. xx Amy


        1. Around 23 million(2.3% of Indian population) as per Wikipedia, but in my state, it’s around 20%.

          We have a great mix of all three religions in Kerala, Hindu 50%, Muslim-30% and Christian-20%.

          So we get chance to celebrate a lot of festivals every years and a lot of holidays 🙂


  4. Okay – now this is just awesome artsy with the lighting – the first one has the lit sky – and the second one is like uplight on the building – very cool. and I agree with the other reader – looks like icing – but also oh so beautiful….


  5. Thank you for these images and also for your additional information when responding to comments. What a kind, ecumenical spirit you have! What a better place the world would be if all people felt such respect and friendship toward religions not their own.


    1. I heard, Irrespective of religious believes, people visit this place for it’s beauty and the peace of mind this church provides.

      Once I went there, I could feel it too.

      Thank you so much for your comments 🙂


    1. Absolutely…

      This Church is quite popular for it’s healing powers and people from all parts of south India frequent there.

      There is a sad story as well, the 2004 Indian ocean Tsunami caused severe damage in this place and hundreds of devotees lost their lives.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your kind words 🙂


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