Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

As soon as I read the line “The quickest way between two points might be a straight line, but it’s rarely the most interesting one” by “Ben Huberman” in the weekly photo challenge post, the first image that came to my mind was the huge temple pond of a famous temple of north kerala, Peralassery.

Peralassery Temple Pond_rs2I had loads of fun taking these steps in zigzag manner. This is the typical temple pond steps pattern followed in these part of the world.

50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag”

  1. What an incredible place (and an incredible photo…capturing the ambiance). The quotation is perfect, “The quickest way between two points might be a straight line, but it’s rarely the most interesting one” and couldn’t agree more.

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    1. This is truly a very interesting place for photography and I missed out a wide angle lens.

      I managed with whatever I had and it turned out to be okey.

      Thanks a lot for your time, Dalo 🙂


  2. Sreejith, you blow me away with this photo! I feel the incredible power from this place, just from this photo. OH! To actually experience this in person. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for showing this to us. Love, Amy


    1. It’s so kind of you, Amy 🙂

      There are many a temple ponds around my area, but this one is huge. Even I haven’t see anything like this before.

      Zigzag is the exact word to describe the way I had navigated through those steps 🙂


      1. The power and the majesty and the energy of this Temple is amazing. Consider yourself very fortunate to be able to experience this place in the person!!! Love, Amy


    1. You are absolutely right, Erwin.
      Everybody was taking the straight steps to go down and wash their feet clean before entering the temple.
      I was moving through all these interesting steps in three dimensions… and had a great time photographing.
      Thanks a lot for the visit and have a beautiful day ahead 🙂


  3. At the first glance, it looked to me as if you clicked this photo especially for this theme of zigzag. What a lovely choice and beautiful photo, as usual. They form such an intriguing pattern. 🙂


    1. Hello Max,

      Thank you so much for your visit and kind words 🙂

      I just browsed through your posts and it was really a very nice experience, incredible images…

      Have a great time 🙂


    1. Great to see that you liked this image, Michael 🙂

      This temple complex is in North Kerala and very close to my home, but I managed to visit there only recently 🙂

      There are many temple ponds larger than this one in area, but depth wise, I haven’t seen anything like this…


  4. Typical? Really? I have to agree with Jack’s comment that it is hard to visualize this as a real place. Then to hear these steps and pools are common. Ok, adding it to the “must visit” list…


    1. Thank you so much Crystal 🙂

      You can certainly add it to you must visit list:)

      Kerala is truly a very interesting place which got featured in the National Geographic must see places on earth.

      Have a beautiful day 🙂


  5. I guess I’ve missed many of your posts this summer – it is a busy time for a gardener!
    Love this image – you mentioned this style of architecture is common in this area. Is it mainly for effect or is there a more spiritual reason? Like a meditative practice perhaps?

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    1. Thanks a lot Eliza for taking your time to view this image and comment 🙂

      I am not quite sure about the spiritual part of this architecture, but believes that there should be some connection.


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