Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

The one for the Challenge,

Texture-2_rsand the original one,


42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture”

  1. Perfect photo for this week’s challenge. I see that’s a hotel in Genting Highlands. I’ve been there before but never seen this hotel – it was a long time ago. That building looks more like a school building than a hotel to me…the colours, I suppose 🙂


    1. How did you miss this one, in Genting?

      May be it was not there at all when you went there…

      Yea, it’s colour was the most striking feature and this is the first thing that catches your eyes as you reach Genting.

      Glad to share something from your native, Mabel 🙂


      1. No idea how I missed this one in Genting. Last time I went to Genting was maybe around early 2000s, so it was a while ago and maybe the colourful hotel wasn’t there yet.

        Always love it when you share anything, Sreejith. From plants to temples to monkeys 😉

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  2. Very interesting choice. Lovely colors. I m not sure if that is a real building or thebskerch or painting coz the plants give me that confusing feel. Whatever the case me, you put it very nicely.


        1. Yea, Amy I haven’t logged in for a while.

          Taking care of my dad, who is recovering in a hospital.

          Things are looking good now and hopefully I’ll be back in a week’s time 🙂


        1. Sure 🙂 So nice to see this….

          My last trip to Malaysia was too short and I could explore only KL and a few close by places. But that really triggered my interest in this diverse country.

          Have a beautiful day 🙂


    1. Yea, he’s getting better 🙂

      It’s been almost two months, I have been away, and I am really missing this community…

      I need to recharge myself with the positive energy from all the wonderful people here, and I am back 🙂


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