Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast, Play of light and shadows…

Let me share an image which, I felt, fits this week’s theme literally.

This shot was taken from Devarayanadurga, a hillock near Bangalore.

The place is really special for the beautiful temple on top of the hill and the great panoramic view of the valley.



43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast, Play of light and shadows…”

  1. Mindblowing shot, Sreejith. So much warmth radiating through the photo, and yes, it fits this week’s theme perfectly. Great timing, I hope the person you took a shot of didn’t mind. Is the sun warm in India? In winter the sun is always warm in Melbourne.


    1. Hello Mabel,

      I am so happy to see your comment 🙂

      The person in the image is my cousin, and it was a nice little trip for us.

      I took this shot from a hill top temple near the south Indian city of Bangalore and the views from there was just awesome.

      Yea, Mabel, Sun is always warm in India, not just warm, but super hot 🙂 be it during summer, winter or even during the monsoon breaks 🙂

      Being so close to the equator, we get plenty of sunlight throughout the year in South India and hardly any seasonal changes.

      Seems that holds good in case of Malaysia as well, right?


      1. It was very nice of your cousin to be in the photo for you, though I’m guessing it was probably a spontaneous shot. Super hot Indian sun, I think I could use a bit of that right now, it’s single-digits freezing winter in Melbourne right now 🙂

        You’re so right, Sreejith. Malaysia gets a lot of blazing sun all year round as, yes, it’s close to the equator too. Hot and humid. I miss that.


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